SVG Resources

Conversion Software

Great for converting other file types to the ones you need. Can do some simple tracing functions.

Convert Silhouette files to SVG

Tracing Software

Online tracing software to convert images to SVG

Online tracing including the option of up to 10 colours

Another online automated photo trace service – you can set the brightness to adjust the image and it smooths all the lines for you.

Free software, for editing, creating and tracing to SVG. Takes a little learning but very powerful.

Websites with free SVGs

For vector logos of popular brands. You may need to use conversion software to change file types as many are EPS file.

For vector logos of popular brands.

Free vector files

Vector files you can do anything you like with including selling digitally. They are not always very ready to cut but if you find elements you need made cut friendly please do contact me.

Wordart/Typography Generators
frequency, free. experimental svg
editing, multiple fonts, pay for svg or high quality png
frequency sizes
online sources set shapes
simple png output

Facebook pages and groups The facebook page for this website facebook group for this site, a place to make requests to be on the free list, or if you are an artist sell your similar services.

A facebook page of this site specifically for tracing photos to SVG
If you have a website or facebook page that has free resources for people working on their own SVG graphics please use the contact page to drop us a message and we may add your link here.

If you find any links are not working people also use the contact page to let us know and we will update our listings.