Handwriting to SVG


  • At least one handwriting trace must be chosen.
    • It includes up to 5 words on a single scan/photo
  • Additional words are optional, based on your needs.
    • Add multiple to suit your image – additional charge per word.
    • If not needing all words in an image specify in the notes which to use.
  • Choose how much bolder/thicker you’d like the writing for cutting
    • Up to about 5 – there is no charge for this
  • Upload your image on the basket page after adding to cart


The base handwriting trace product it includes up to 5 words, if you have more than that add quantity to the additional words to cover it, one per each word over the 5 included in the base price.

A combination of techniques are used to convert images of handwriting to cuttable SVG files. These include hand tracing as well as smoothing and node simplification for clean smooth cuts.

I carefully compare each and every letter to the original to ensure it is a good representation of the original. Sometimes this includes filling in scratchy areas where the pen did not write true. My aim is to create the look of a felt marker written in the same hand.

The writing can also be made bolder for easier cutting at small sizes. This is at no additional charge – please choose a number up to 5 to indicate about how thick you would like it. I will send you previews before finalising the files so you can advise if the extra thickness level is suitable.

Where possible i try and keep loop centres open by manually adjusting the thickness outwards rather than inwards. Please advise any preferences you have in the notes or contact me if you have any questions.

I can work with any image that is visible but a scan is best, or a square on photo that shows a flat paper, with good contrast. If you only have one image and the important bit is visible then I can trace it for you. I may need to make some guesses and a little artistic licence.

Please add a separate handwriting trace base product per image/photo sheet. Digital collages do not count as one – it takes time to adjust all my setting and overlays for each type of image to get it just right, so multiple different lighting types etc take more time than just extra words on a single page.


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