Cracked Alphabet Tiles


What it is cracked up to be


A set of English alphabet capital letters, on cracked tiles.

3 layers, but if you drop the 3d and let the colour of whatever you apply to show through could be only the 2.

Also a 4 layered version with offset in gold around each letter like metal in the pavement.

You an change the colours, rearrange them, they are grouped as letter sets but you can ungroup if you need to.

Included is a sample word “DOWNTOWN” using letters from the set.

Each set is on a single svg file, with a png for viewing.
Other file types can be made available on request.

This set comes with a Creators Licence – so you can use these to make your own items to sell, physical and digital. You can’t resell the set as is and if selling online you need to credit Smoke and Strawberries for the design elements.


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