Biology Love Heart


Love for biology is a love for life.



Biology Love Heart Design, The outer arrowed line follows the Kreb Cycle around the heart including the inputs and outputs of the cycle. The heart is then filled with biology related goodness. Mitochondria, DNA, microscope, shell, flasks, separating chromosomes, cell diagram, atoms, electrons, heart beat line it is all packed in there.

Great for biology graduates and those who just love all things about studying the building blocks of life.

Inspired by a public domain elements then hand drawn, arranged and then prepared for cutting.

All the cut-lines have been smoothed and nodes reduced for smooth cuts and good loading time.

As with all detailed designs this is better suited to larger cut size.

The SVG comes with a PNG for viewing and a licence file. Other file types can be generated upon request if you cannot open SVG files in your software.

There are no watermarks on the files you will receive.

Sending me pictures of what you create is not required but always appreciated!

You can read the different licences on the Terms and Conditions page.

If you were thinking – I like this design but I’d like it to look more whatever – please contact me and arrange a customisation.

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