How do I use Zip Files?

Firstly it helps to understand what a zip file is. It is a bit like container for other files, bit like a suitcase with a zip to keep things in. Like a suitcase it can squish things into less space than they would take up in a pile just on the floor.

Also like a suitcase – you can’t use your t-shirt unless you unpack it first.

Luckily unzipping/extracting/opening zip files is pretty simple.

On windows – a right click and select extract all – will unpack it all, similarly on a mac – but a double click.

On a phone – well this is a different case – so many phone types with different versions of software. Maybe it is built in – maybe it isn’t. There are plenty of apps to do it. For Android I like file viewer – it also lets you view SVG files which can be very convenient.

For ipad and other i things – you could try the free version of winzip

or on any device use an online unzipper such as which you just upload the zip then download the extracted files.

Why do people go zipping up all these files?

Few reasons – keeps them all together for easier sending, makes them a bit smaller – for quicker upload or to avoid file type restrictions such as facebook not allowing svg files.