What does cut-ready mean?
Can I edit the parts of designs?

Cut-ready is just what it says on the tin – ready to cut, no welding, slicing or attaching needed, everything is merged where touching and layers designed so there are no edge overlaps making those unprofessional looking bumps where parts of designs overlap other elements.

Cut lines are checked, smoothed, and number of nodes minimised for smoother cuts and lower load time.

Designs are generally no more than 3 layers thick in any area, and usually only 2. Even if there is 15 colours in it!

Often black is a solid layer behind other colours – so any minor placement errors, or shrinkage wont leave gaps in your applied design.

If you have ordered a custom creation then you can request areas not to be pre-sliced or welded or to be cut through as is needed for your project.

As all the colours are made into compound paths some more basic software will not be able to ungroup or break these apart. If you require a version of the file with only groups no fixed compound paths please ask. To change colours of some areas of these as is in Cricut, you would need to use contour and possibly duplicate of some of those.

You may find inkscape or illustrator to be more helpful to make the changes your require for your project. If you require help or advice with doing this please post in the facebook support group.

Text is provided as outlines not editable text, this is due to font licensing and compatibility with cutting software. If you require a design to have changes you are unable to make please contact me, there may be some fee for this depending on how much work is required to meet your request. A quote would be provided in this instance.