Terms and Conditions

All sales on digital products are non-refundable.

You may only cancel or change the subject of a custom trace file before work has begun. Changes can only be for the same or lesser number of subjects. Lesser number a refund may be available, more subjects an additional payment may be required.

Limited support is provided on all digital download products. We will try to help you use, or convert your purchase to other formats where possible. Other files types can be available, just ask and we will try out best, we may not be able to convert to all file types as some require specific software we may not have access to.

Reasonable adjustments to images are available to ensure your satisfaction.
You must be highly specific as to what changes are needed. “The shading on the chin makes it look to big” is good ”something is a bit off” is not.

You must advise when ordering if you would also like a lower detailed version of the final image – useful for making very small cuts to avoid tearing of fine details.

Licence for Digital Files

You can see the licence documents here;

Affiliate/Referral Program

Earnings for the affiliate program are as site credits only for earnings below $50 AUD.

You can check your current earnings by logging into your account in the affiliate area.

To use site credits please send an email to smokeandstrawberries@gmail.com and specify your affiliate account ID and the amount you wish to have converted and you will be provided with a coupon code for that amount.

Earnings in an excess of $50 AUD are available for payout via paypal account or other agreed method.

Only one affiliate account is allowed per person. Multiple accounts being discovered will result in all affiliate accounts being removed and earnings cancelled. All affiliate accounts are subject to approval. Affiliate accounts may be revoked at anytime at the site owner’s discretion. If your account was closed due to misconduct or breaking these terms and conditions your earned credits may be cancelled.

You will earn 15% per sale, and if the person you referred also signs up to be an affiliate you will earns 5% of their sales as well during the first year.

You can earn credits on your own purchases too! It is like a loyalty cashback program!

Coupons are not available for use in conjunction with earned credits being spent.

Payments can be done in part by credit and part by payment – You will be provided with a coupon code for your site credit amount which can be used in the checkout.

If an order is cancelled, refunded or frauded by merchant dispute the applied credits to your account may be removed. Multiple occurrences of this will result in account suspension.

You are not permitted to spam, or break posting rules of sites or online groups to get your affiliate linked sales.

If a customer follows your link, and purchases on the spot or anytime in the following 21 days then you will get credit for the sale provided they use their same browser and their cookies are intact on the return visit.
Custom coupons will get you site credit and the person you are referring a discount, you can use your own codes to purchase as well.

All terms and conditions on this page are subject to change

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