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Hands, Feet and Finger Print to SVG


Hand traced hands, feet. finger prints for your memories crafting.


Have your images of a hands, feet, hand prints, foot prints, finger or thumbprints created in SVG by hand.

Just like my photo tracings these are created by hand using a digital pen. Smooth, clean cuttable details. If you advise your intended cut size I will keep detail level to suit your project. Full detail is for large cut size or for printing.

I can create from photos or images of ink or paint prints. Scanned images are best for prints, but a straight on photo can be enough. If you place the print on something square – like your cutting mat for example, I can compensate for any distortion due to camera angle.

Your precious memories can be turned into single layer SVG files, ready for a variety of applications. If you have a cutting machine, mementos, shirts, glass etching, stenciling are just a few of the possibilities. It is perfect for creating unique personalised gifts, memorials and keepsakes.

This is a hand done, artistic process, it is not just a simple quick computer trace.

These drawings are a creative art, and as such will always look a bit different to the original photograph and have a stylised nature as using only black and white, and nothing in between while trying to keep cut-able sized elements can be quite a challenge.

I am willing to revisit images to make changes to ensure your satisfaction.
I do need you to be highly specific as to what changes are needed. “The shading on the left thumb makes it look to big” is good ” something is a bit off” is not.

You will be provided with a preview of the final sketch for approval before the conversion to SVG.
I go over the final SVG and clean up nodes, check all the cut lines for anything too small to cut or too close together. It is important to me to get the easiest to cut design possible while still keeping everything looking great and not distorted.

Prices are on a per image basis – if there is 2 hands or feet in your photo you want in the final image, then that is 2 subjects.

I need to know what size you intend to cut, in a general sense. While SVGs are entirely scale-able – tiny details wont cut well if you are trying to cut for a cup sized decal – if in doubt choose lower detail or ask me.

Standard turn around time is 3-5 days – with quicker option 48 hours for additional fee.
Please contact me if you require 24 or 4 hours turn around time. These are potentially available for an additional fee.

Please note turn around time does not include the time for adjustments if they are needed.

Files are provided with a Basic Licence which is for unlimited person but limited commercial use. If you require a different licence please ask for a quote.

This product listing is for me hand sketching hands, feet, finger prints, handprints or footprints not for full photos of people, pets, cars, buildings or pencil drawings, logos or other styles of graphics. I provide vectorisation services for other types of graphics too, but please ask for a quote.

Additional information


1, 2


Full detail – Large Cut Size, Lower Detail – Small Cut Size

Turn around time

Standard – 3-5 Days, 48 hours


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