Welcome to my site!

I have been getting quite a few more visitors lately thanks to some lovely people letting people know about my work!

If you are new here, and feeling a little lost, the menu up the top (inside the box with lines on it on phones), will take you to a page about my svg from photo service, or to my shop to purchase that service – I will be adding more to the shop of my own original designs but I have been run off my feet with orders lately so I haven’t had a chance. Feel free to get in contact and make a request for what types of things you would like to see available to buy. I am more of a pictures than a typography person though so please keep that in mind.

When you place your order there is now a very bright green button to let you upload your files, you get quite a few chances but can always email of there is any issues. I am not quite sure where uploaded files turn up since I just added the plugin but I am sure I will figure it out.

I have now added multiple currencies you can shop and pay in – if your prefered one is not in the column on the right – let me know and I will add it in!

If you like Etsy you can buy from me there instead – but my coupons and sales won’t apply over there.

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