Croeso! Welcome! I have been getting quite a few more visitors lately thanks to some lovely people letting people know about my work! If you are new here, and feeling a little lost, the menu up the top -(inside the box  with lines on it in the upper right on phones)- will take you to a page about my svg from photo service, or to my shop which I hope to fill with designs – ideally some that people will like. Feel free to get in contact and make a request for what types of things you would like to see available to buy. I am more of a pictures than a typography person though so please keep that in mind. You can now upload your files right on the product page when placing your order for custom files or you prefer you can just email or send to me via Facebook! I have now added multiple currencies you can shop and pay in – if your preferred one is not in the column on the right – let me know and I will add it in! If you like Etsy you can buy from me there instead – but my coupons and sales won’t apply over there. My more unique service is hand tracing photos to make cuttable SVG files.

You can watch me work in timelapse on hand traced photos on my youtube videos below

You can find some examples in the recent blog posts section which is on the right (or at the bottom of the page for phones) or the category for photo to svg

How to Order?

Pretty straight forward- find something you like and add it to your cart, some have the option to choose the licence you need. Then checkout once you are done, top right corner looks like a shopping trolley/cart and says the current total. In the checkout the select files to upload button is down the bottom below suggested products if you need to upload your photos. You can enter a coupon code if you have one. Then choose checkout. You will need to fill out some details for the payment to be taken through Paypal’s secure checkout process and can just use a credit card if you prefer to or don’t have a Paypal account. Then once the payment goes through you will come back here to a page which has download links, the links will also get emailed to you and if you log back in later where it says “My Account” then they will all be available there too! If you get lost, or confused you can contact me via the live chat in the bottom right corner, by email, cole@smokeandstrawberries.com or on Facebook (scan this image with your phone in messenger ap) (bottom right tab, then scan messenger code)




Now use the menu at the top to get to the shop or jump to some recent products below!